Construction Law Services
Throughout the state of Florida, this law firm is experienced in construction law services, serving general contractors, sub-contractors, developers, and lenders throughout the state of Florida. We have more than twenty years of experience providing comprehensive legal representation to clients with interests in the Florida construction industry.
Contact our office, or by phone at (754) 206-6100, to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable attorney committed to your legal success.
We recognize that construction related disputes can significantly increase the cost of building projects. They also jeopardize important business relationships. This law firm is committed to providing proactive legal advice and representation geared toward establishing and protecting the business relationships involved in small and large construction projects.
This law firm is familiar with all aspects of Florida construction law. From contract bidding, negotiation and preparation to surety issues, and construction claims, and quality of workmanship, and materials issues, we have the skill and knowledge necessary to protect our clients' interests.
In addition, this law firm has significant experience handling claims for payment and collection issues related to private and government building contracts in Florida.
We make every effort in helping our clients to help cut costs and save time in analyzing and preparing a case for resolution.
Construction litigation is a foreseeable aspect of Florida construction projects. This law firm is prepared to litigate construction disputes in state and federal courts. Our strength is identifying and resolving disputes before litigation commences, and accordingly saving costs to our clients, while working hard to preserve existing business relationships.